Informations for superiors

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Dear manager,

we would like to invite you to a meeting with your employee to talk about both work-related issues as well as personal wishes and expectations, agree on targets and shape the future cooperation be-tween you, the manager, and your employee.
The talk serves to strengthen the dialogue between you and your employee. Improved communication should positively shape the relationship between the people talking. In addition, such talks provide the opportunity to reach agreements on work tasks, the working environment, teamwork and manage-ment, as well as the change and development perspectives.

You invite your employee to a talk.

This talk is a look back over the past year and is used to plan the coming year or should be used to reach agreements:
Have a think about the last year and come up with some conclusions together with your employee. If you have already held a meeting before, look at the questions and also think about which agreements you made during the last talk as part of the three thematic blocks, how these were implemented and what you hope for the future.
The preparation sheet is to help you with your preparation. It should assist you in planning the contents of the meeting and can be used as an example for which questions you can start the meeting off with, develop and expand the conversation, and bring the meeting to a close.
If you take the following points into account during the meeting, it will become a useful management tool which will benefit both your individual employees as well as the entire team.

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