The CAU course: FIT on the job


Kiel University would like to apply strategic personnel development in different aspects of work to have a positive influence on the working day of its staff members. To this end, we are initiating and coordinating various services and projects on different topics and for different groups of staff.

Strategic personnel development, in this context, means that in addition to providing our own services and coordination with and consideration for other institutes at Kiel University, we also keep the university’s overall goals in mind, for example those described in the structural development plan (STEP) and the target agreements with the state.

We see ourselves as

  • ... the central responsible competence and service office.
  • ... a point of contact for all staff members.
  • ... a coordination point with other university institutes and areas we consider our cooperation partners.

We consequently define our chief tasks as the following

  • We consider the basic understanding of the Kiel University organisation and derive consequences for personnel development.
  • We initiate specific projects as pilots and evaluate them. When necessary, we make use of existing structures in their implementation.
  • Professional continuing development of existing structures
    In close collaboration with our colleagues, we work on topics such as leadership and advisory skills and, for example, can also provide support in recruiting procedures.
  • Individual advice
    We can provide advice on your own issues.

The primary task of Personnel Development is the development of skills throughout the entire staff force. But the areas of influence of PD go beyond that core focus. We also consider individual needs, interests, potentials and motivations. All our services and projects are intended to contribute to a pleasant, healthy working atmosphere that permits excellent performance.

This also applies to activities in health management, which we regard as an additional task of Personnel Development.

Personnel development in Kiel University`s organisational chart

The Personnel Development Division is part of the Human Resources Department and also handles the topic of health management.

Being part of the Human Resources Department allows us to work closely with HR Management and the experts in Personnel Law. We therefore work in direct contact with colleagues who have valuable expertise in legal processes and strategic needs. Of course, our work is always strictly confidential.

Confidentiality in Personnel Development

Personnel matters are always confidential. So is advice.

As a Personnel Development team, we are part of the Human Resources Department. The content of all discussions in the Personnel Development Division still remains confidential. It can only be shared with personnel clerks or others at your explicit request.

We consider confidentiality to be an absolutely essential basic requirement.

Personnel development in general

Personnel development is frequently associated with the plans of individual staff members to achieve qualifications with the aim of being promoted.

But personnel development can do more. We want to make that clear.

In general, personnel development is defined as follows:

  • "The goal [of personnel development] is the qualification of people on the basis of individual needs as well as the needs of the organisation.
  • Personnel education, personnel support and organisational development (in the sense of structuring of work) are closely coordinated.
  • This is used to derive suitable measures and strategies." (Definition according to Becker, 2005)


Measures and instruments in personnel development include, for example:

  • Further and continued education - both professional and personal
  • Training and trainee programmes
  • Coaching - individual, teams, peers
  • Mentoring / supervision / advice (by colleagues)
  • Moderation and mediation
  • Analysis of potential / 360° feedback
  • Job enlargement / job enrichment / job rotation
  • Relocation / promotion
  • Target agreements / performance reviews / assessments

You can find our current projects and services here, and additional instruments can be selected and developed to meet specific needs. We would also be happy to offer a personal consultation.

Health management

Like personnel development, health management aims to maintain and support the health and well-being of staff members to exert a positive influence on working abilities.

At Kiel University, we therefore see health management as a task of personnel development.

You can find information here about personnel development and health management services and projects.


Health management in general promotes the operational infrastructure that permits work to be organised on a healthy basis. That is, health management includes all actors and topics that influence staff from the occupational point of view.

Health management includes the different measures and legal obligations of employers concerning the topics of "staying and becoming healthy", such as occupational safety compliance, maintaining an occupational health and safety service, operational reintegration management, addiction services and much more.

Voluntary services for health promotion and prevention are also included, such as all advisory and service offers that relieve private and professional stress and therefore support the ability to work. Just as in the field of personnel development, the value Kiel University places on its staff is clearly visible here.

Our health management works closely with the appropriate institutes at Kiel University. Together, needs for action are identified and changes made. For example, we are currently working with our colleagues on a new work agreement concerning addition as well as developing a health management work agreement in order to anchor it firmly in Kiel University.


We use talks, questionnaires and the evaluation of metrics to continuously monitor the quality of our services and instruments as well as their efficacy for our objectives. This monitoring allows us to track the effectiveness of personnel development and continuously improve our work and our services.

We orient ourselves on national and international quality standards, make use of scientific expertise in our evaluation methods and measure ourselves using cost/benefit analyses.

We find it particularly interesting to find out what moves you, our colleagues. It is important to us to know what you find important and where you see needs.

We would be happy to hear from you!