Tiltelbild Christiana führt

We called "CHRISTIANA FÜHRT" (Christiana leads) into existence to provide managers at our university with self-reflection, 360° management feedback, leadership coaching, team development and qualification to help further their development.

With management feedback, you as a manager can receive information about how you are perceived by your own staff and your superiors. We use the Profile Dynamics® motive analysis tool to provide this feedback.
More information about Profile Dynamics® and 360° feedback.

Our leadership coaching offers you the option of developing your own ideas about how to handle difficult situations individually within a short time. The focus is on solutions, even for challenges you encounter as a manager.
More about our coaching

With team development, you can shape and improve (team)work and cooperation in your research or working groups, in projects and in administrative units. After analysing the current situation, we develop suitable offers.
Further information about team development

"CHRISTIANA FÜHRT - the lecture series" is the name of our lecture series on the topic of leadership. By presenting the latest research results and innovative methods of leading experts in this field, we would like to give you and any other interested parties the opportunity to integrate new ideas and impulses into your everyday working experience.

The development of a "good leadership culture" is one of our most important concerns for our university. With qualification and reflection on personal experiences, we hope to offer managers in all departments and areas and at all levels of Kiel University the opportunity to move forwards, reinforcing them and acting in support of a good atmosphere and outstanding performance.


CHRISTIANA FÜHRT – the lecture series

Here you can find current information about upcoming events on the topic of leadership.
Since these presentations are currently held in German, all the information here is only available in German.